February 15, 2007

Anne Frank

 Please read this article and we'll talk about it next week. Thank you,


February 13, 2007

CIA Stuff

Whoops. Thoughts?

Mitt Romney

Tell me, what do you think of this candidate - most recent
of MANY running for President!

Al Gore

Do you think that all politics involves getting elected to something?
Read this article and tell me what you think about speech and actions
that are indeed very political - but do not involve a 'campaign' for

February 09, 2007

Fly The Friendly Skies

Class, here's an update to the story involving the Speaker of the House. Notice the difference in facts in this article compared to Thursday's - and also notice the difference in tone between the White House spokesman and Pelosi's critics. What do you think that means, if anything?

Additionally, in your assignment, rather than posting a link, it is just fine if you provide me with a synopsis of an article you read, and be sure to tell us where you found it. That will be just fine!

Thank you and have a great weekend! Pete

February 08, 2007

Current Events, Weeks Five/Six

Here's my two cents -- you can read an interesting article about Pelosi here. What I want everyone to do (no exceptions!) is as follows.
Using the 'comment' feature, please reply to this posting (see below - right now, because there are no comments, there's a link marked '0 comments'.) I want you to provide a link to a story you find interesting, as well as 2-3 paragraphs explaining your thoughts relative to the material we've covered.
For the sake of privacy, please identify yourself only by your first name and last initial. Once we're done with this segment, I'll delete this section of the site.
The purpose of this is for you, as students, to understand where your peers' ideas and thoughts are. Sky's the limit as to your analysis, but it has to be relative to the political/gov't issues we've addressed (so - no Astronaut stories!!)

Thanks very much.