February 13, 2007

Al Gore

Do you think that all politics involves getting elected to something?
Read this article and tell me what you think about speech and actions
that are indeed very political - but do not involve a 'campaign' for


Blogger liza said...

Global warming is an issue that should be in the forefront of every person who occupies this earth. I do not understand he Gore believes that this is his mission when he, himself, was such a supporter of some of the major causes that have impacted global warming to begin with.

5:56 AM  
Blogger S.Swinton said...

I really enjoy hearing about people with power doing something good for the ecosystem. Global warming is no joke and it needs to be adressed and taken seriously. I believe that people learn from their mistakes and maybe Gore is trying to make up for twhat he has contributed to global warming. No person is innocent we all have contributed to this awful problem!

11:53 AM  

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