January 22, 2007

Supreme Court + Current Events

OK, class, now we're off. You should take a look at this link regarding the Supreme Court. It's very cool, and will supplement your reading in the M v. M book (remember, you want to read p. 52-74 or so in that book).
 For the night class, we'll be getting ready for the State of the Union, which we'll talk about on Thurs. for the AM class.

 Stay tuned - interesting stuff. Tues. AM we may take a bit of a detour b/c of current events- be ready!! Group C is 'up'.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked out the website on the supreme court and found it amazing to see all the proposals that Bush made last year at the state of union which havent been touched. I guess i didnt expect anything more!
I feel as though Hillary will do fine this election

10:14 AM  

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