December 27, 2006

President Ford Questions

Please take 60/90 minutes, and prepare a brief – no more that 750 word – document developing your understanding of the life and Presidency of Gerald R. Ford.

Through which process did Ford become Vice President?
How did the country react to Ford’s assumption of office?
How did the country react to Ford’s pardon of President Nixon?
What policy difficulties did Ford face in the White House (Clue – inflation, the Mayaguez, Vietnam amnesty).
How close did Ford come to reelection?

Post Presidency:

As of November, 2006, President Ford became the oldest former President in US History; Presidents such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan also had very long lives after leaving office. Please research and describe two aspects of the Ford Post-Presidency – 1) the potential ‘co-presidency’ with future President Reagan, and 2) his relationship with Former President Carter.

Please write this as a narrative, and not as a simple listing of facts. Do not feel obliged to follow MLA rules, but please make sure I can see where you found your information. I want to get a ‘feel’ for your own thoughts, in addition to the questions asked.


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