December 08, 2006

IR Exam Review Fall 06

IR Exam Review, Fall 2006

  • Collective Security, Sovereignty and the Roots of these concepts. This is hugely important, given the level of scrutiny that we put upon WWI and NATO in our class. Remember – key concepts such as the US’ rejection of the League of Nations, the outbreak of WWI, excessive entanglements – all of these issues we discussed are as a result of this 400 year old Westphalian doctrine

  • Levels of Analysis  - be prepared to explain a fact pattern. For instance, you may have an event from history – details and all – and you will want to analyze the event. Be sure and read each sentence carefully; you will want to spend as much time reading as you need to write a solid response.

  • Parliamentary/Comparative Systems – refresh your recollection as to key terms/structures. Be on the lookout for specifically different methods of governing – i.e., cabinet, selection of a leader/Prime Minister, and ways a PM leaves office

  • Cold War – start with 1968, and follow through to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Explain Nixon’s ‘openings’ to the East, remember specifically Nixon and Ford’s relationship to the Soviet Union and treaties, and be very sure to remember the focusing events leading to the formal end of détente, and the reinstitution of the arms race in the late 1970s/early 1980s. We will not be spending any time on Viet Nam

Remember – read your notes! They are your best indicator of what I’ve felt is important this term. THANK YOU for your participation in our small class.



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