January 10, 2007

The President's Speech

Current Events – President Bush speaks. If you have not done so by Thursday AM, please read the text of the President’s speech regarding Iraq, and be prepared to speak about it. I’ll send links as they come! Thanks - Pete


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in complete shock to hear that Bush is sending more troops to Iraq! I honestly thought that he realized this wasent working and was going to bring them home. They should be home where they belong and here for the US in times of disaster.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder what that man is thinking? Is he wrecking our country?!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Noah Henscheid said...

Well, I'm actually not surprised. The way Bush has been lately? Still, you can't help wonder if he regrets his decision, and for how long. It's really a lose-lose situation; if he goes through with sending them, he's got hardly a percentage of the people behind him. If he pulls out, he'll get some smiles and sighs of relief, but then the issue will turn to the "president's indecisiveness," wouldn't it?

6:14 PM  

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