February 08, 2007

Current Events, Weeks Five/Six

Here's my two cents -- you can read an interesting article about Pelosi here. What I want everyone to do (no exceptions!) is as follows.
Using the 'comment' feature, please reply to this posting (see below - right now, because there are no comments, there's a link marked '0 comments'.) I want you to provide a link to a story you find interesting, as well as 2-3 paragraphs explaining your thoughts relative to the material we've covered.
For the sake of privacy, please identify yourself only by your first name and last initial. Once we're done with this segment, I'll delete this section of the site.
The purpose of this is for you, as students, to understand where your peers' ideas and thoughts are. Sky's the limit as to your analysis, but it has to be relative to the political/gov't issues we've addressed (so - no Astronaut stories!!)

Thanks very much.



Blogger S.Swinton said...

I have read the blog for weeks 5/6 and I am confused. I know how to comment to your posting but I have no idea how to provide a link. Is that what I'm doing now?I dont think so, but thought I'd ask. Im interested in Pelosi new plane. I think its ok for her to get a plane, but I dont understand whats wrong with a little private jet. It would cost less and do the job!I saw on the news that they finally said it was a republican turning the heads of american off of Iraq and on to the democrates. That was brought up in class but I didnt hear it on the news until after class. I am also interested in Hillary Clinton. I walked in a march with her in DC, it was the largest march in history. It was amazing and I cant wait for a women to become the president, it is long over due. I am excited for the world to see the changes and different perspectives that come from women and what they will offer. I hope it goes this way because I sure do talk like its happened already!
I love the way that the class is broken down into experiences with the present. Hands on and can see it as it changes.
Im not sure if this is what I am to be doing therefore I will stop now.
Sheena S

3:05 PM  
Blogger ryan j said...

I am also interested in Pelosi new plane. I think its not really a bad idea for her to get a plane but I dont understand. Why get a plane like Air Force one? Wouldnt a small private jet work? It would cost less and will do the job from point A to point B. I really would like to see a woman president. I think it would be good for our country to finally have a woman leader and have a woman be heard in the nation of the United States

5:03 PM  
Blogger timtom said...

I am very interested in pelosi and the aircraft idea. the thing is I really do not understnad the point/purpose of having it? The second thing is why would you want a huge aircraft, why not just get a smaller personal plane for yourself. I would love to see a female President of th United States, but I would not like Hilary Clinton to be President. SHe seems to be too stuck up and unbelievably intelligent to be the ne next President.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous JOEL R said...

I just read a very interesting article on msnbc about Barrack Obamas views on race and religon. It is refreshing to me that the Senator is making his race a secondary issue and letting his policies do the talking for him. He is endearing himself to the public by by relating himself to the commomn person pointing to his relative inexperince in politics as a positive thing suggesting that he has not had the time to learn the underhanded ways of more established politicians. He also displayed his more common side on sixty minutes when he said he had to make a deal in which he would stop smoking to recive premission to run for President from his wife. These qualities are what i think will make Senator Obama a worthy newsstory this election period. I have also found the national healthcare debate to be an interesting theme that seems to resurface every political season.

5:29 PM  
Blogger brittanye said...

I think every issue that we talk about is interesting... it's definitely a great way of learning the subject through the present which is what we need to be doing. In regards to Pelosi and the plane story, I think it's only a big deal because she is a woman (keep in mind i have yet to read the articles but this is just my opinions from class discussion). It seems as though it's only a problem because perhaps its a woman in the situation, i have to believe that if a man wanted it, he would get it some way somehow. In regards to the election overall, I think it's going to be very interesting. I think the spectrum of candidates is something that has been long awaited. Black, female, etc it's about time for equality and more true choices. I am all for a woman president, although i do hesitate only because of the state of our country. I'm not entirely sure that a woman is the person to bring us out of all this "mess". I look forward to learning more and watching as everything unfolds. This class and it's discussions have definitely made me interested!

8:11 PM  
Blogger brittanye said...

Having read the article on Pelosi, I think it's absolutely ridiculous for her or anyone to get this plane which costs $22,000/hr for joy rides home. I understand her intent of wanting to be safe and protected but a plane is a plane really. Too much money which could go some place else! Another thing being mentioned is her desire to allow friends and supporters to accompany her on the plane. I also think this is a bit ridiculous, esp. if this is all about safety. Why potentially endanger unneccessary others if that so seems to be the concern? However, I do contest with her wanting to fly nonstop- stop and go flights are not fun!But what are the exact security issues with that? I would like to know. Anyways my overall feeling is that still this has become such a big deal only because it's a high-powered woman wanting something which is different from any past requests. More specifically I have to wonder, so who really did ask for the darn plane?

8:24 PM  
Blogger karlag said...

What does that say for Homeland Security if Nancy P is afraid to stop enroute and refuel? And I believe the Republicans would complain about anything these days to take the focus off their blunders. I do however believe that the request of a jumbo jet is a bit extreme. I am a bit tired of our politicians demanding to be treated like royalty. I am a lower income citizen who has never been on a plane, I own a used car, and I worry about where the money will come from to drive back and forth to school. Give Nancy P. a ticket in first class and make her fly commercial. Do you realize how much money we would save and save the atmosphere of extra CO2 emitions??? Just my 2 cents...Karla (an old student)

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Tim S said...

I am very interested in pelosi and the aircraft idea. the thing is I really do not understnad the point/purpose of having it? The second thing is why would you want a huge aircraft, why not just get a smaller personal plane for yourself. I would love to see a female President of th United States, but I would not like Hilary Clinton to be President. SHe seems to be too stuck up and unbelievably intelligent to be the ne next President.

9:16 AM  
Blogger vane said...

I am vey intersted in Pelosi new plane. I think she has the right to ask for a plane for some security reasons. The media and republicans are making a big deal out it while she is trying to do some good in her part. I would LOVE to see someday a Woman as a president of the United State to be demanding and strong.

11:41 AM  
Blogger ben f said...

I think the debate over Nancy Pelosi's plane has been blown way out of proportion. Of course the speaker of the house should have a safe efficient way to travel between washington and san fransico. Is $22,000 an hour to much of course, but if this extra expense helps the speaker keep the house on schedule and productive its money well spent.
I read an article on the ny times website that covered the topic of Hillary and Bill Clintons relationship. While in New Hampshire Hillary mentioned Bill several times as she spoke to the crowds. She said that she didn't plan on mentioning her husband but she did. She mentioned him once on a personal level talking about his past health problems, and again on a political level saying he is her "full-time political counselor". I think if she keeps promising the type of results Bill got for this country in the 90's she will be our next President.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Luke O. said...

First of all I have to comment on the Pelosi story and the subsequent coverage. This is the perfect lesson of how if you don’t feed the constant beast that is the Washington press core, they will cover fluff and filler. After the Dems completed their 100 hour agenda, there was no new announcement in regards to execution of the policy agenda, so as Congressional Dems were going about the business of the American people the press had nothing to write except that the war in Iraq was going miserably and the Presidents poll numbers were now nearing Arctic temps (not exactly fresh news), so the press decided to focus their attention on this. Case and point, feed the beast or it will bite ya.

McCain, Romney vie for conservatives’ support

I think that it is very fascinating that thus far, Hillary Clinton has struck such fear into the heart of the Republican Party, that one of the most conservative ideological activists in the party is willing to endorse what can only be described as a watered down Conservative John McCain. The far right of the Republican Party is having a very hard time accepting the fact that there are no ideological Conservative front runners this election season. If we look closely at the Republican Party as a whole it can be seen that the one party consists of about 3 factions, the ideologues, the Regan conservatives, and the libertarian conservatives. Very soon I feel that the most powerful of the 3 (the religious ideologues) will branch off and form their own party with a strongly religious candidate as their leader. But so far I think that John McCain’s move to the far right will be seen as disingenuous to Repub. Primary voters, and Romney’s flip flop on abortion and gay rights, as well as his faith will be seen as out of touch with the base. Case and point this leaves room for a religious conservative such as Brownback or Huckabee to weasel their way in to the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. The religious right owns the Republican Party and what they want is what they get sometimes it means being right instead of being a winner.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous kerry b said...

Once again former vice president Al Gore is using his popularity to his advantage; in an attempt to make the world more aware of the growing problem of global warming. Because the cause is good one, we should not be upset that Gore is filling the headlines. His personal use of freedom of speech will hopefully help in persuading as many as ‘2.5 million’ during these world wide concerts. I do believe that it is politics that have gotten Gore to his current spot in the nation. In reality it is politics that get people to the top of our society, just look at former president Bill Clinton. Without his popularity during the 1990’s there is no question he wouldn’t have the power that he does. And the same goes to say for Al Gore. Luckily there intelligent use of this power has thus far, done nothing but benefit our country. So as long as we have actions vying for better economic, and environmental global stability, we should have no problem with these political figures. However when their actions make a turn for the worst, is when we will have a real problem on our hands.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous JenO said...

After Reading the article about Pelosi and the plane, I find that I agree with BrittanyE on the matter. I understand why Pelosi would want to have the plane for her saftey. I also understand where she's coming from on wanting to be able to take direct flights to her desitnations. On the other side of the matter I wonder why if this is a request based on issues of her safety should the story have esclated to what it is today. If she truly wanted it for her own safety she'd try to keep it as low key as possible. I think it would be easier now that it is so public of a matter that if it does go through any type of terrorist acting group could have information putting a target on her back. I am interested to see where this issue is taken next.

11:35 AM  
Blogger kelsie j said...

I think that Pelosi should just use the cv-37a which is about the same size as the c-20 which would make the Republicans happy and it can make it all the way from D.C. to San Fransico which she said would make her happy.
This story about the senate convening over the weekend to do something about the debate of the Iraq resolution is interesting. It shows how our founding fathers were really smart make the rules/laws to our government so that no branch would have to much power and that they could all check on each other. The Senate's rules make it quite fair also. First they have to debate on whether or not they should take the time to debate on an issue you then if they get a majority vote they can debate. Then when they a majority vote on that they pass it and the President has the right to veto it. I think our government may not be the fastest, but it is the fairest and most practical.

3:47 PM  
Blogger invsbleman00 said...

Jack F.
Here is a story that is very interesting. We talked about how the media plays a role in politcs, how they can make something unimportant big news. Here's one where the do the opposite. This should be top news, at least I think it should be.
How can a governing official sign a house deal with a lobbyist?? Especially when there are cases pending with that person's company? Even if the house has nothing to do with the decisions, its a huge breach of ethics. Even though our government says it wasn't. How could it not be? You have a relationship with someone, they are involved in a case against you, who wouldn't try to sway thier friend? Ethics, Ethics, Ethics...
A very bad move, even worse that it's on the backburner for the media. If it isn't more noticeable it'll just wash away with nothing done about it. People won't care enough, so the government won't care. That's how I would view it if I was a governing official trying to get away with something. I would just watch the news, whatever wasn't covered, I would just let slide.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Derek H said...

I am interested to see how this Pelosi thing turns out. I think that using "security" as a reason for needing a new plane is rediculous. If it is just the step up thats fine but asking for the c32 i think it was is a little out of control. The security bit has been way overused by government officials in getting what they want. I honestly doubt that terrorists are trying to target her if she lands to refuel her plane. No one knows the flight patterns of government officials besides the government and well if they want you dead you don't stand a chance anyway. If she honestly doesn't care about what type of plane she gets as long as it gets her to california in one shot, put her on a cargo plane that will make the trip.

11:58 PM  
Blogger brittneyw said...

I thought that this article was very interesting. This women, Pelosi, has attracted so much attention to herself over this topic. I understand her point of wanting to feel safe when flying from one point to another. However, isn't there a happy medium? Couldn't she get a private small plane that was more cost efficent? I think having a women president would be a good step towards true equality in our country.

11:52 AM  
Blogger brittneyw said...

I read an article about John McCain.In this article found at http://news.aol.com/elections/president/story/_a/mccain-blasts-rumsfeld-as-one-of-the/20070219182109990001 I found what he had to say pretty interesting. Considering he is going to be running for president there is going to be a lot of media surrounding him. I found it really interesting that when he was speaking in S.C he was going off about Donald Rumsfeld. Although many people agree with what he had to say, I thought it was a little risky to throw out there. He said that Donald would go down in history as the worst secertary of defence in the history. This maybe, and probably is true, but I thought he could step on some toes by saying this. To my suprise many people were over joyed that he said this. In fact, many people were cheering to what he had to say. I thought that was a very interesting point.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous phedrick said...

I think this is crazy, your wasting tax payers money on trying to be comfortable when our troops have to go to war and miss their familys and fiend. she needs to rember her duty to the people.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Amanda H. said...


I read about the first TV ad launched for the upcoming presidental elections. It was first aired on Tuesday Feburary 20th. Mitt Romney's ad is being aired in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire,and South Carolina.
I'm not sure why he picked these states specifically but I have a feeling all these states will be seeing more presidental ads very soon.
Knowing that an ad has come out this early for the presidental election leads me to believe that the race is going to be long and very competative. But I do hope to see some positive and interesting campaigns.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason why I think that this subject has caused so much media attention is because of the fact that pelosi is a woman. Many may percieve her as overspending, if she can justify the spending for the plane and others can back her up then she has a right to at least ask for it. the worst thing that can happen is that they say no and they did, so what big deal try a new approach.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to do that... it is kristin M's comment

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Noah H. said...


I found this article regarding Al Gore and his Oscar-winning documentary to be quite interesting. It talks about his current public standing in light of the success of his film, "An Inconvenient Truth." It's amazing to me to see the contrast between now and back then. The man we knew as a nerdy, slightly dry and boring, defeated prez candidate back in 2000, is still relatively the same, nerdy, slightly dry and boring person now. So what's changed? He's got a movie; this much is obvious. But what I see happening, is that he's revealed to us what he believes in and stands for, without any ulterior motives in the background. Before, we saw him as a presidential candidate that didn't quite cut it with the people's opinion. Now, however, Gore is doing exactly what he has a passion for, and people are responding. It's amazing how much a person's personality will shine when they're doing the thing they care deeply about.
Gore's got a bit of a grin on his face, and a nice edge to him now. As the article references, he's regarded almost like a rock star today. I think the beauty of this situation for him is, with as much positive publicity as he's getting, he can really have a shot at whatever he'd like. My opinion? I don't think he'll run for prez again. But could he? Well. He'd at least do better than the Gore 7 years ago.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The article i read had to with CLinton and Obama battling for the black vote in selma, alabama.
To summarize the article, Obama was invited first to selma. selma is a place of deep civil rights history where civil rights marchers protested their state government. Obama was invited to speak at a church there. He captivated the audince by paying omage to the fore fathers ofcivil rights. ABout a month latter CLinton with Bill in tow spoke in selma. Both parties face issues gaining the black vote.Just because Bill CLinton is a widely accept political figure in the black community, doesn't mean hilary is. She must fight for the right to have the black vote on her own ground. Obama faces issues like convincing the black population he is one of them because he is only half african american - or so the article said.
I belive Obama has the black vote as well as a lot of other demographic votes and the polls prove it. Im rooting for obama.

jacque c

2:37 PM  

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