November 28, 2005


November 26, 2005

Response to Comments - "Second Term Curse"

Great thoughts! My own view - 'Second Term Curse' is really a symptom of all the shine finally wearing off of a President; for instance, in year five, six, seven, the public and media are simply 'used' to the President, and there's less leeway. There are some terrific articles available -- go to and enter the terms "Second Term Curse" - the 3rd or 4th entry is a Washington Post article called something like "Bush beat John Kerry; now he must beat Richard Nixon". I am not looking for a review of the articles you find, rather, these can be used to give you familiarity with the history behind the second terms. I am also less looking for a history of the term "Second Term Curse"; the concept is more important than the term itself.


Dear Pete:
I am researching the Presidential "second term curse." The amount of differing opinions as to the origin makes any conclusive words nonexistent. I found a range from George Washington to George Bush. I found 22nd Amendment. I even found how this journalistic technique was used on President Grant. I could tie all articles to this issue in some way!
Personal opinion: " Presidential second term curse" is a "Euphemism" created to whitewash the effect of the 22nd amendments reduction of presidential power by removing any political power gained through the forces of electability; consequently second term Presidents are mired down with journalistic scandals, some even leaked on purpose by congress. Lets face facts Monica's Book would not have been a best seller if Clinton was not impeached. It would have been a book about how a woman chose to have sex in a closet. Where is the best seller about FDR's affair?

Please, let me know which direction you would like me to go.

November 21, 2005

Fw: Breaking News Mon., November 21, 2005


IR - Sharon

Class, let's talk about this on Tues. AM.

Am. Gov't - Mon. 21 Nov.

 Monday and Tuesday, we'll be reviewing the federal judiciary. Let's please read this article first.
Second, the Congressional extra credit has expired, but you have until Tuesday to get the three point Wal Mart question in. Write me if you have any questions. Please do not be intimidated by the position paper; let's walk each other through any concerns you might have. It is a big assignment; but there's time, and doing this assignment is part of what will prepare you for the exam.

November 18, 2005

Am. Gov't -Position Paper Number Three


30 PTS.

Correct answers will make ten distinct points per question. Use your textbook, the library, or the internet, but be sure and cite which sources you are using. This is the time to really shine, and you can use this to help you get a terrific grade! If you would like help in crafting your answer, please feel free to email me; but be aware that I will only be able to access email sporadically from Wed., 23 Nov. to Sun. 27 Nov. Papers should be handed in no later than 3:15 PM on Tuesday, 29 Nov. No late papers will be accepted.

You should notice, that questions one and two are very broad topics; there are more than ten points you can make on each. A suggestion - write a short outline, and literally count up the points you want to make before writing your final answer. If you have ten, smart points to make in each question, then you have just gotten to your 100%. Keep trying until you get there. All the answers are in your notes from the last two weeks of class. Remember - the questions themselves lead to the answer - that's why they are long, and detailed. The more detail you answer with, the closer you are to your "A". You may work together, but ensure that the work on your paper is purely your own. Happy hunting and enjoy the holidays.

1. The term 'second term curse' is a phrase we heard several times in class. Assume it is August, 1974, and you have just opened the paper to see that President Nixon has resigned, to be replaced by Vice-President Gerald Ford. Please explain in detail the reasons (not the process) that made Ford Vice-President, what led to Nixon's resignation, and the political/personal issues surrounding President Ford's pardon of Nixon. You are invited to offer your own opinion for this question in addition to the history behind it.

2. Assume for a moment that Vice President Cheney would resign from office. Explain to me in explicit detail and history the process that President Bush would use to replace him. Please consider and address the differences in the process between a Vice Presidential appointment and other appointments, such as an appointment to the Supreme Court or the Cabinet. Upon doing so, please note and each instance of a Vice Presidential vacancy since 1967. Please address what is unique about the Ford Vice-Presidency and Presidency in the context of the 25th Amendment.

3. We are in Iowa, and we will soon have no less than a dozen potential Presidents knocking at our doors and asking for our support. Please explain why this is; after all, Iowa is only one of 50 states, isn't it? So - what is the deal here? Specifically, I would like you to please recognize and explain the caucus system, and what we do with it in Iowa. Having done that, please compare our system to how other states choose their candidates. Does Iowa indeed prove, that the first step in deciding who leads the country, is 'showing up'?

November 16, 2005

Am. Gov't - Extra Credit

Please briefly answer the following extra credit question for a Tuesday, November 22. You can do so giving me a short piece, typed, single spaced. I will stop reading at two paragraphs, so make it short! Use the Wal-Mart Video plus your own general knowledge as your resource - no research here. 3 Pts.
"What do you see as the greatest difficulty when trying to mobilize people to political action - such as what Wal Mart Watch is trying to do, and what are the differences and similarities between electoral and non-electoral political work?"
Additionally, the extra credit posted a few days ago on the site is due right away - the end of the week's getting close. If you saw the video, an acceptable answer is right there. If not, you can do some quick research and get a different, yet equally acceptable answer. Any questions, as always please email me. Thanks -

Am. Gov't.

 Read this !

IR - Articles

Meine Damen und Herren,
 Please read this and this.

November 15, 2005

IR - German Election

Read this about the German election!

November 14, 2005

Am. Gov't - Politics But Not on Election Day!

Please briefly take a look through these, as a supplement to the film we saw - what issues are being raised? Perhaps more important to us, is the context in which they are raised. Remember, there are no 'neutral' or 'even' points presented - this is persuasive, political speech. Who do you think is making a more effective use of what they are saying?
 (Remember - Extra credit's getting due....).


Read this!

November 10, 2005



 If this pertains to any of you, or you would like any information, please feel free to contact me privately, or stop by the office in Black Hawk for help. Thanks, Pete


Make up test hours and room have changed as announced in Hawkeye Happenings:

Please make note of the new Academic Support Testing Services information:
NEW EXTENSION- Ext. 1098 – to schedule special needs tests and for any testing questions.
            Monday – Thursday:     8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In the next two weeks, evening testing hours (until 8:00 p.m.) for make-up will be added.

The changes to ASC testing should begin on Monday, November 14.

Students who need testing accommodations and are taking evening classes can call Ext. 1098 and schedule a testing time in the evening and testing accommodations will be arranged for them.

Am. Gov't - Extra Credit

For FIVE points extra credit, please tell me, by the end of next week, the answer to the following question.
"What is the percentage of bills introduced in Congress that are voted on?"

If you are having trouble w/ the answer, please email me!



November 02, 2005


Am. Gov't - Presidency in Action

November 01, 2005

IR - Germany

 Please read this article, regarding upheaval in Germany.