November 16, 2005

Am. Gov't - Extra Credit

Please briefly answer the following extra credit question for a Tuesday, November 22. You can do so giving me a short piece, typed, single spaced. I will stop reading at two paragraphs, so make it short! Use the Wal-Mart Video plus your own general knowledge as your resource - no research here. 3 Pts.
"What do you see as the greatest difficulty when trying to mobilize people to political action - such as what Wal Mart Watch is trying to do, and what are the differences and similarities between electoral and non-electoral political work?"
Additionally, the extra credit posted a few days ago on the site is due right away - the end of the week's getting close. If you saw the video, an acceptable answer is right there. If not, you can do some quick research and get a different, yet equally acceptable answer. Any questions, as always please email me. Thanks -


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