November 26, 2005

Response to Comments - "Second Term Curse"

Great thoughts! My own view - 'Second Term Curse' is really a symptom of all the shine finally wearing off of a President; for instance, in year five, six, seven, the public and media are simply 'used' to the President, and there's less leeway. There are some terrific articles available -- go to and enter the terms "Second Term Curse" - the 3rd or 4th entry is a Washington Post article called something like "Bush beat John Kerry; now he must beat Richard Nixon". I am not looking for a review of the articles you find, rather, these can be used to give you familiarity with the history behind the second terms. I am also less looking for a history of the term "Second Term Curse"; the concept is more important than the term itself.


Dear Pete:
I am researching the Presidential "second term curse." The amount of differing opinions as to the origin makes any conclusive words nonexistent. I found a range from George Washington to George Bush. I found 22nd Amendment. I even found how this journalistic technique was used on President Grant. I could tie all articles to this issue in some way!
Personal opinion: " Presidential second term curse" is a "Euphemism" created to whitewash the effect of the 22nd amendments reduction of presidential power by removing any political power gained through the forces of electability; consequently second term Presidents are mired down with journalistic scandals, some even leaked on purpose by congress. Lets face facts Monica's Book would not have been a best seller if Clinton was not impeached. It would have been a book about how a woman chose to have sex in a closet. Where is the best seller about FDR's affair?

Please, let me know which direction you would like me to go.


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