October 01, 2005

Am. Gov't - Extra Credit

To supplement your grades, as of the week of 3 October, from time to time, you will be eligible for extra credit. This is 'free' - it will be added to your current score and it is voluntary. For you to receive your credit, please type the correct answer and turn it into me no later than the second class period after I've assigned it. This is a good way for you to augment your position papers, and to also give you a better footing heading into the exam. This will replace the extra credit we had discussed about attendance and participation (too difficult to manage with 50+ students), and your weekly participation points will remain part of your grade.
 Extra credit questions will be posted on the website, and no late credits will be accepted. Remember, as always, in-depth, yet concisely written answers will get you where you need to be!
 The first extra credit question, for five points (due no later than the second class period this week), is:
"Who is Scooter Libby and why is he in the news this week?"


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