September 18, 2005

Am. Gov.- Announcements and Position Paper #2 Information

"Gov't to fight pledge of allegiance ruling" - read it here and be ready to tell me your opinion, and also the process by which the case gets from the court in California to the Supreme Court
 "Constitution Day" - read about it here . Do you believe we are spending enough time on the Constitution in our course?
 Also, please read this and be prepared to talk about it in class this week; specifically, we have talked about how governments work to solve problems. Soon, we will be moving into the role of private enterprise, lobbyists, and interest groups in the formation of government policy and public policy. This brief article is a good place to start.
 Second, it is time to think about your next round of position papers. I am going focus heavily on a continuation of the second question on your first position paper; namely, rights. We must look carefully at rights that the government is to protect, whether those rights are spelled out in the Constitution specifically, or, implied/directed through the many court decisions since 1789.
 So please re-read chapter four, and be prepared to give deeper analysis than you did on your first position paper based upon the protection of rights illustrated in that chapter. We are going to get very in-depth here, and your analysis will reflect that.
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