March 20, 2006


 We are getting into the home stretch. In the next days, you will be assigned a second assignment (IR - this will be a bit later). Please realize that under no circumstances will late assignments be accepted. If you miss a class, you must write/call me or a colleague, to see if one's been assigned.
 During the time in between an assignment being handed out and the time it's due, I am happy to send you a copy of it. Please be aware, however, sometimes it is an entire day before I will access my email/phone, so it is in your best interest to keep your eyes open.
 Missing an assignment will not mean that you fail the course; however, missed/late assignments are routinely a result of absences; taken together, that means that students who are in that position will need to spend these next eight weeks in weekly attendance, and readying themselves by reading and taking excellent notes. Please trust that I will not leave you hanging for the final - but please also take the notes and speak up in class.
 Thanks much - I hope you've had a good spring break, and we will see each other on Tuesday.


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