October 31, 2005

Am. Gov't - Texas Case

Class, on your last position paper, we addressed the issue of "expanding lower courts' jurisdiction" - and we came to the conclusion, that this can be done - because the Constitution allows Congress to "ordain and establish" these courts. We spoke about Congress allowing federal courts to hear cases like Terri Schiavo's. Please read this article, and compare it to the Schiavo case. When doing do, please try to reconcile for yourself the following: Congress can get involved in case like this; the Constitution allows that. Should Congress get involved in case like this? Is it different than the Schiavo case? How much did/does partisan politics have to do with the Schiavo case, in a way that it may not here?
 This is not directly related to our discussion this week; but let's spend some time on it.


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